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Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle is a separate publication from Southern Edition, which merely serves as its host on the internet.  Greg Freeman decided  to relate with other gardeners and share from his experiences through a newsletter that will feature a variety of content beyond the confines of the American South.  Those who are strictly interested in southern gardening can reference the "Magnolia Eden" department of Southern Edition, but Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle seeks a broader audience, even an international following, to be exact.  Feel free to click on the links below to access each edition of Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle in .pdf format.  Receive the latest newsletter by e-mail, if you wish, by simply completing and submitting the form below.

April 15, 2016
       Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle       Inaugural Edition

What's Inside?  Tulip Fever Slated to Release in 2016; A Lesson in Faith:  The Symbolism of Job's Tears in One Gardener's Journey; Terrariums:  Easy, Affordable Garden Projects for the Young...and Young at Heart; Hidden Botanical Treasures; Ronde de Nice Courgette Farcie; Van Gogh Paintings Spring to Life in New Film; Winners from 2016 Atlanta and Knoxville Daffodil Shows.

December 7, 2016       Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle       Issue 2

What's Inside?  Buddlejas for All Spaces and Budgets; The Humble Fig; Daffodils to Honor My Friend; Sculptus HortusThe Climbers; Gardening Lessons from a George Willis-Pryce Painting.
Perhaps the most annoying southern transplant since the days of carpetbaggers or the introduction of Kudzu, the South American imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), that tiny little critter with an unforgettable sting, is difficult to control and seemingly impossible to eradicate as its scientific name invicta (meaning "the unconquered one") indicates.

Some time ago a visitor took note of all the ant hills that had emerged in our lawn following a day or two of rain showers, and he assured me that he had a sure-fire solution. Knowing that eliminating the colony's queen is essential to wiping out the whole gang, I inquired whether his remedy could do so. "Sure," he enthusiastically replied.

"Buy you a can of snuff and sprinkle the snuff on top of the mound," he instructed. "The worker ants will take it back to the old lady and when she comes up to spit . . . you step on her!"

I suppose I walked right into that one!

Author:  Greg Freeman.  Published May 7, 2006.
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