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"It's All in Your Head!"
I recently heard of an actual conversation that took place between two "older" ladies in my family, who shall be nameless.  Otherwise I might have to convince the FBI to place me in the Witness Protection Program!  For years, the younger of the two has suffered with arthritis (and has quite possibly become addicted to pain pills, if you ask me).  She is always suggesting to anyone who mentions having an ache or pain that it might be arthritis, and did so recently when her older sister complained of a terrible headache.  (Yes, you heard me!)  The older sister consulted with her doctor and insisted that arthritis might be the source of her misery, to which he replied, "It's all in your head!"  Later that day, the older sister phoned the younger one to give a report of her doctor's visit.  "What did the doctor tell you?" asked the younger one.  "He said I have arthritis in my head."  "Well, I've learned it hits you in your weakest spots."
Author:  Greg Freeman.  Published September 7, 2011.
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