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Born a mere twelve years ago in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jonathan "Jazz" Biggs---an actor, singer, songwriter and dancer---has a resume that might even impress more seasoned performers. His film credits include The Great Observer (late 2008), Bolden! (late 2008) and The Wool Cap (2004) with William H. Macy. Biggs is currently working in the Mel Jackson-directed movie For The Love of Juan, which is being filmed in his hometown of Atlanta and Augusta. He has also appeared in the Stefan Novinski-directed play Medea as well as television shows Unfabulous (Nickelodeon) and Girlfriends (Paramount/UPN), commercials for McDonald's and music videos for hip-hop act, Three-six Mafia, and gospel star, Vickie Winans.

When Biggs is not performing or doing his schoolwork, he is just an ordinary kid, enjoying hobbies and recreational activities like skating, swimming, cycling, rollerblading and playing baseball, basketball and video games. While he will be in California for auditions later in the fall, Biggs is launching a tour in the meantime that is sure to prove both rewarding and eye-opening.

Beginning in April 2008, Jonathan Biggs and some of his friends are kicking off their Singing For A Purpose tour which will take them to more than a dozen states and a number of major cities. Under the auspices of his nonprofit organization, Jazz's Friendz Foundation, Biggs & Friends are planning to perform in some unlikely venues. Biggs says, "I'm going around to my peers---who are in the foster homes and hospitals---and entertaining them. Since they can't get out to concerts and other such entertainment, I am coming to them."

Through performances that will incorporate music (inspirational, R&B and rap), dance and spoken word, Biggs hopes to entertain and inspire young people who are unable to attend concerts and other entertainment events. "I just want to lighten their spirit, show them that they can do the right thing and tell them, 'It's okay to follow your dream, and you don't have to be like everybody else.' " Biggs says.

Whenever one communicates with Biggs, it is quite evident that he is blessed with more than just artistic talent. He is wise beyond his years and quite the gentleman, indicative of a positive upbringing. In addition to focusing on his homeschooling curriculum, Biggs's parents strive to instill in him positive Christian values, teaching him the importance of making good decisions.

Biggs's mother, Tamarr "Tee" Coley, says, "Jazz's Friendz is a way for him to learn how to give back. I'm teaching him at this age to give up himself . . . to give of oneself to help someone else." And, so far, it is a learning experience Biggs seems to be enjoying. Coley adds, "When he was younger and we were in California, I used to carry him to hospitals, and he loved sharing his gifts. So, that's the reason why we started the nonprofit organization. It [also] allows other young talented performers to use their talents for good."

In addition to the impact of his mother, positive male role models are influencing Biggs's personal development and career advancement. Biggs's biological father, Everton Biggs, and Coley's husband, Rev. Leroy Coley, are actively involved in his life. Coley says, "They both support him. Anything that he does, they're both there."

"If it wasn't for God's grace and God bringing us to where we are today, we couldn't share the good news," Coley says. She adds, "The Bible says to raise up a child in the way he should go and when he grows older he won't depart. That's the guideline that we base his career and future on. [By] raising Jonathan in the way that we want him to go [he will get] the knowledge that he needs Biblically. So, when he does get older, it sticks with him. Even when he thinks he's forgotten it, it comes back to him."

Biggs, too, credits God for his successes and draws inspiration from scripture, referencing Philipians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Biggs with Vernon Jones, CEO of DeKalb County, Georgia

On February 22, 2008, Jonathan Biggs was Jr. CEO of DeKalb County for a day and was privileged to interview Mr. Jones.

Singing For A Purpose Tour (2008)

  • Mar 29          JFF Celebration Day!, Jackson, GA
  • Apr 24          JFF Tour, Stockbridge, GA
  • Apr 25          Children's Home of Detroit, Detroit
  • Apr 26-27    Lakeside Mall, Detroit
  • May 16          Shriner's Hospital, Philadelphia
  • May 17-18    Granite Run Mall, Philadelphia
  • Jun 14          Mall of America, Bloomington, Minn.
  • Jul 11            Celebrity Softball Game, New York
  • Jul 26-27      Natick Mall, Boston
  • Aug 9             Mall of Georgia, Atlanta
  • Aug 15           Shriner's Hospital, Tampa
  • Aug 16-17     Tyrone Mall, Tampa
  • Oct 11-12        The Parks, Dallas
  • Dec 5               Hospital, Chicago
  • Dec 6-7           Golf Mill Mall, Chicago

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Telephone conversation with Jonathan "Jazz" Biggs, Stockbridge, Georgia, on March 5, 2008

Telephone conversation with Tamarr "Tee" Coley, Stockbridge, Georgia, on March 5, 2008

Author:  Greg Freeman.  Published March 25, 2008.

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