Julian G. Brunt
Writer and culinary enthusiast Julian G. Brunt makes his home in Biloxi, Mississippi.  His love for the Gulf Coast and its culture, heritage and food are very much evident in his writing. 

Having managed retail stores, worked in the microfilm department of a major university and served as the executive director of the Dusti Bongé Foundation, Brunt says, "I have been a manager of things for more than thirty years."  These days, Brunt is spending more time writing, and his food articles, published regularly in the Sun Herald (Biloxi), have become quite popular.  A capable writer with diverse interests, Brunt is knowledgeable in many areas, and he is particularly interested in writing more in-depth about the lives and careers of the Bongés (Dusti and her son, Lyle).

Brunt's insights regarding Dusti Bongé proved valuable to Patti Carr Black whose book, American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast:  George Ohr, Dusti Bongé, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthé (Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2009), includes various quotes from Brunt and sheds considerable light on four great artists of the American South.

Brunt's interest in the culinary arts was instilled in him as a youngster.  He says,  "My mother insisted that men needed to know their way around the kitchen, too.  Her experience as a southern cook was obviously my first influence, but she spread her wings when we moved to Europe in the 1960s and made going to fine restaurants a family passion.  Her talents as a cook grew rapidly and I watched in amazement." 

With more time to devote to cooking, Brunt says some changes had been in order for quite some time.  He states, "The dreary years of managing things held my culinary advancement back, but one day in 1993 I met the photographer and skilled home cook, Lyle Bongé."  Brunt says Bongé helped him to gain confidence as a cook and opened his eyes to possibilities once obscured by self-doubt.  He concludes, "I now cook for friends on a regular basis what I refer to as my 'Sunday Menu,' and I write about my culinary experiences and gather cookbooks like grapes.  It is my intention to continue on in this manner indefinitely."

Brunt's contributions to Southern Edition

Article:  The Culinary Diversity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast,  Published September 10, 2010

Photograph:  untitled image of prepared Saigon-style Gulf Coast Shrimp, Published September 10, 2010

Article:  A Review of Under Surge, Under Siege:  The Odyssey of Bay St. Louis and Katrina, Published October 14, 2010

Article:  Jumbo Gumbo, Published November 14, 2010

Photograph:  untitled image of prepared Jumbo Gumbo, Published November 14, 2010

Article:  Goulash vs. Grillades, Published February 15, 2011

Photograph:  untitled image of prepared Goulash, Published February 15, 2011

Author:  Greg Freeman.  Last updated on February 15, 2011.
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